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Delightful Mess - Holly Brunnbauer


An unemployed nanny.
A clueless single dad.
And a fake reference.
Can they have a future when she’s running from a messy past?


Dolly’s always making a mess of things, but getting fired wasn’t her fault.

When a broke twenty-four-year-old saves a runaway toddler, it creates a surprise opportunity with a clueless single dad. Finn’s a business nerd with honey eyes and a knee-weakening dimple. Not that Dolly’s looking. She needs a job, not a boyfriend.

As long as Dolly doesn’t fall head-over-sneakers for her sweet boss, her life will be back on track. Well, almost. Dolly kind of, sort of, most definitely, tells a white lie to Finn so that he doesn’t find out why she was sacked as the Spearson’s nanny.

Chris Spearson is a legendary ex-footy player and his wife Sandra is worshipped on Instagram. They’re living the dream in their seaside McMansion, only Dolly knows they’re nothing like their public personas. They did something unforgivable and no one—especially Finn—can ever know the truth. It would ruin too many people’s lives. 

Can Dolly keep Finn at arm’s length, or will her messy past catch up with her?

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Writing Awards



2nd Place Winner

Fiction Five Contest 2022


2nd Place Winner

The Emily 2023

League of Romance Writers

Round 1 Finalist

The Emerald Award 2023

Romance Writers of Australia


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The Sexy Bucket List - Holly Brunnbauer


A curious divorcée.
An irresistible stranger.
And a sexy bucket list.
Can he fulfill all her fantasies before she turns 30?


Can Makayla stop herself falling in love with one man in order to get revenge on her ex?

Sports teacher, Makayla, is on a mission to complete her bucket list. Not the eat-love-pray kind. This one's sexier. It includes saucy experiences she missed out on because she married her high school sweetheart, Warren—who wouldn’t know his way around a woman’s body even with a map.

When an opportunity to inherit a vintage car arises, Makayla must do whatever it takes to own it. Otherwise, it’ll go to her revhead ex-husband. The Mustang is all hers, but there's a catch. She has to stay single until her next birthday—the big 3-0. 

After the appalling thing Warren did that ended their marriage, Makayla would love nothing more than to do victory laps around him. Plus, she's never dating again—having too much fun with her bucket list.


Staying single will be a piece of cake. Well, it would be, if she could keep her eyes on the road and hands off a devilish-handsome stranger who sends her into overdrive. 

Can Makayla ride solo until her birthday, or will someone she never saw coming take the wheel?

Strap yourself in. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Writing Awards




Publishable 2023

Queensland Writers Centre

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  Current WIP 

They say salt water is the cure for anything. If that's true, Goldie Monroe needs an ocean to fix her love life.



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