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Hello, lovely

The clock ticked over to January 1st 2020 and I had an epiphany—I’m going to write a novel. Punching the air (Breakfast Club style), I declared to no one in particular, 'This is my year!' 

Then the virus (you know which one) descended upon the world. Dun dun duuun. During remote learning, I became my son’s meanest teacher. His words, not mine.


Did I stop writing? Occasionally for snacks, but I didn’t give up.


Rom-coms are my jam and my goal is to become the Queen of Poolside Reads. Crap, did I just admit that out loud?

My debut novel will be published by HarperCollins Australia in 2025. You should buy it. I've heard it's great.

Anywho, have a looksy at my Awards page or keep scrolling for more dirt on yours truly.

Holly xo

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I live in a small town in Regional Victoria, with my hubby, two young boys and a curvaceous pug named Mr Giuseppe.

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I’m unapologetic about keeping up with the Kardashians and blaring 90s music during school drop-off. 

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My star sign is Virgo and it accurately sums me upperfectionist, hardworking & clean-freak.

If I updated my LinkedIn profile, this is what it'd say:




Writing a novel is time consuming. So is the business of being an author. That's where I come in. I do all the bits and bobs that busy authors don’t have the time, skills or patience for. Check out my services.


Years of thumping away at the keyboard have finally paid off. HarperCollins Australia will publish my debut novel next year. Huzzah! Visit my blog for behind the scenes snippets.  




Words are my thang so I put my typey-type skills to good use and helped businesses connect with their peeps on socials.



A blog for Melbourne mum’s surviving motherhood one coffee at a time. This site was my baby after I had one of my own. I grew it to over 100k views, hosted sold-out events and collaborated with over 200 businesses. The site is currently collecting cobwebs. I’ve moved on from the “Mummy blogging” phase of my life.  



A podcast that celebrates bold & ambitious Melbourne Mamas. I hosted three seasons and had a whopping 15k listeners tune in to interviews with women from all walks of life such as authors, not-for-profit founders, confidence coaches—you name it. When lockdown happened, this went to wherever it is that podcasts go to die.



I started off as budding graduate teaching Psychology and Business Management. Then moved away from terrifying teenagers and into adult learning. I had a knack for technology and jumped into the online learning space. Working behind the scenes suited this introvert just fine.


I don't wanna talk about it.


Also, don't wanna talk about it. Actually, I do. Don't let those chairs at the checkouts fool you; they make you work your butt off! Sorry to unload that onto you, but I've been keeping it for years.

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