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Shortlist 2024 - Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize - Hawkeye Publishing

Shortlist 2024 - Adaptable: Turning the Page to Screen - Queensland Writers Centre 

Shortlist 2023 - Publishable: Manuscript Development Program - Queensland Writers Centre 


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2nd Place 2023 - The Emily - League of Romance Writers - U.S Competition

Round 1 Finalist 2023 - The Emerald - Romance Writers of Australia

2nd Place 2022 - Fiction Five Contest - CritiqueMatch - U.S Competition



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3rd Place 2023 - The Chapter Short Story Contest - Romance Writers of New Zealand 


THE EMERALD - Judges comments:

"I loved, loved, loved this entry! It read like a professionally published book, written by an author who knows their stuff. I was hooked right from the very first line."

"This book is better than many published books I've read."

"The writing is vibrant, the voice is strong, the story is engaging and believable, the writer skilfully builds suspense, and has the reader quickly invested in the story. What's not to like?"

"I had to give this entry full marks because it is tight, well written, and ready to submit to a publisher. It's a strong, well paced, expertly crafted story. It's difficult to believe it isn't the work of an experienced writer."

THE EMILY - Judges comments:

"Dolly's so spunky."

"There is a very funny, almost sarcastic tone, to Dolly that this reader did enjoy. Not many female characters are written this way and it was refreshing. "

"Super funny!"

"Fun, quirky narration, I like the protagonist’s voice."

"Well-written and entertaining romantic comedy! "

"Voice and pace were strong, engaging, and smooth." 

FICTION FIVE CONTEST - Judges comments:

"Dolly immediately came alive for me, and the sense of humor beamed at me from the get-go. Charming, fun, witty."

"Dolly is brought to life on the page with such vividness, relatability, and charm."

"Delightful is a great word for this. Really sharp piece all-around. Lots of energy and wit, and a strong inner voice/characterization."

"The banter here and quick-witted pacing is akin to the Gilmore Girls."

"You’re funny! I loved the humor. Quick wit, dry jokes. All around fun." 



"You have a wonderful, distinctive voice that will take you a long way in the commercial fiction world. Really enjoyable."

"Loved it and it made me laugh."

"The pacing is good, the story rips along, there's good use of dialogue interspersed with narrative, it
was easy to visualize and I loved the humour."

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