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  • Holly Brunnbauer

12 Must-Listen Podcasts for Writers

Who loves to learn on the go?

Here are 12 podcasts to get in your ears ASAP.

Some are funny. Many are Australian.

All have pearls of wisdom for aspiring authors, newbies and veterans.

Got a writing poddy recommendation?

Send me a DM on Insta (@hollybrunnbauer) and let me know. I'm all ears!

A woman typing on a laptop with a coffee and lots of plants beside her.


In no particular order ...

Writers off the page

Chenée Marrapodi

Story Magic

Golden May

Romancing the story

Sarah Gamez


Pamela Cook

So you want to be a writer

Valarie Khoo

The Hybrid Author

Joanne Morrell

Off the page

Holly Craig & Polly Phillips

Writers Talking Podcast

Anjanette Fennell

The First Time

Katherine Collette & Kate Mildenhall

Ask the author podcast

Jodi Gibson

Talking Aussie Books

Claudine Tinellis

Fiction Writing Made Easy

Savannah Gilbo


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