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  • Holly Brunnbauer

My 2023 writing goals

Are you buzzing with new year energy? I am!

No matter what happened last year, we all get to start over and dream up BIG goals for the one ahead.

Before I share mine, I’d like to reflect upon 2022 and see how that panned out. Sometimes you’ve got to go backwards to go forwards. Right?

Here goes.

A woman typing on a laptop with a coffee and lots of plants beside her.



  • Completed the ‘Write your novel’ course with the Australian Writers’ Centre

  • Completed the ‘Polishing for submission’ course with Romance Writers of Australia.

  • Attended a few masterclasses and webinars.


  • Edited and polished novel #1 ‘Delightful Mess’

  • Planned and plotted novel #2 ‘The Sexy Bucket List’

  • Wrote 10k words of ‘The Sexy Bucket List’

  • Wrote a short story ‘Invisible’


  • 2nd place - Fiction Five Contest - CritiqueMatch

  • Top 3 Finalist - The Emily - The League of Romance Writers

  • Round 1 Finalist - The Emerald - Romance Writers of Australia

Giving back

  • Provided feedback to 8 unpublished manuscripts.

  • Weekly ‘Motivational Monday’ emails with my writing group.

Brand building

  • Launched my website.

  • Sent monthly newsletters to email subscribers.

  • Published 7 blog posts.

  • Joined TikTok.


  • On weekdays, woke up at 5 AM to write.

  • Wrote at the library for 6 hours every Saturday.

  • Journaled before each writing session.



  • Attend the RWA conference

  • Complete a writing masterclass or course every quarter.

  • Read a minimum of 1 book per month.


  • Draft, edit and polish ‘The Sexy Bucket List’

  • Plan and plot novel #3


  • Enter a minimum of 5 competitions.

Giving back

  • Provide feedback to other writers/authors.

  • Regularly share writing updates & resources via social media & blog posts.

Brand building

  • Send monthly newsletters to email subscribers.

  • Write monthly blog posts.

  • Be more active on TikTok.


  • Wake up at 5 AM to write.

  • Write at the library on Saturdays.

  • Chunk brand-building tasks for efficiency.

  • Have a writing break one day per week.

BIG GOAL (drumroll please …)

  • Pitch novels 1 & 2 to agents/publishers in order to be traditionally published in 2024.

Now it’s your turn. What did you achieve last year and what do you hope to get out of this one? Have a crack at writing them down. You never know what can happen in 12 months.


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