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  • Holly Brunnbauer

The Wrap-Up: April 2024

Hey, lovely!

April, wow, what a whirlwind.

School holidays, Adaptable and Arts grants, oh my!

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The Wrap-Up: April 2024 | Holly - Stay-at-home writer



Queensland Writers Centre

Adaptable is an event that gives authors the opportunity to pitch their manuscript to screen industry professionals.

Thanks to the Queensland Writers Centre, I was one of the lucky 25 authors selected to attend.

It took place in Australia’s Hollywood—Brisbane.

The day started with a Screen Queensland tour. I wish I’d paid better attention to regale you with behind-the-camera tales, but honestly, this lil' tourist didn’t cope well with the heat. I thought I was going to pass out or drown in my boob sweat.

Then I ignored my parents' advice to never get in cars with strangers and hitched a ride with Ally Blake, Fiona Lowe & Fiona M Marsden to the next location. I did my best not to fan-girl.

The afternoon program involved a panel talk with THE one, THE only, award-winning journalist, Tracey Spicer. As in, the Channel 10 newsreader with the fabulous hair! She’s as whip-smart as you can imagine and knows a thing or two about writing a book and getting it greenlit for telly.

After lunchies with Karina May and Melanie Saward (will I stop name-dropping? Never!), it was time to do the thing I flew 1,382 kms to do—pitch.

For three hours, I pimped my novel. It has a NEW top-secret title.

I spoke with lots of lovely producers and scriptwriters.

Did they buy my TV/film rights on the spot?


Were there promises of Liane Moriarty success?


But, I survived and, dare I say it, had fun. Whatever happens, happens.

Then it was time to let my frizzy hair down. You won that round Brissy humidity.

We ventured to a rooftop bar where I got schooled on what really happens in the publishing industry. My lips are sealed. I also rubbed shoulders with the likes of Michelle Upton and Zanni Louise. Sorry, I had to mention them. They’re wonderful.

Trip highlights? Meeting authors IRL and their generous advice. Also, din-dins with Brisbanite author Sarah L Richhelm. One more? A burger from Bisou Bisou that was so damn delicious, I'm still thinking about it. Karina knows what I'm talking about.

Adaptable 2024

Queensland Writers Centre


Regional Arts Victoria

There are many benefits to living in whoop-whoop. I didn't realise being eligible for an arts grant was one of them.

However, if you're not a country bumpkin, I bet your local council or state government will have something similar. Hit up their websites. You never know.

Regional Arts Victoria offers a plethora of funds for creative pursuits. I applied for a Quick Response Grant to cover my travel and accommodation expenses for Adaptable. The outcome? I got it!

The paperwork is cumbersome, but considering I’m an unpublished author making zero bucks from my creative writing, applying was well worth it.

The process involves pleading your case. My top tip? Don’t hold back on selling yourself. This ain’t the time to be modest. Mention courses, awards and other accolades.

Also, having friends in high places (i.e., a letter of support) doesn't hurt. The Queensland Writers Centre was more than happy to provide this for me. Reach out to tutors, mentors, writing buddies or relevant organisations you’re a member of. Find someone who can vouch for you and what you’re going to use the money for.


Dear Rach & Soph - A podcast with two writers


Dear Rach & Soph

Listening ears on. There’s a new writing podcast in town.

Dear Rach & Soph is hosted by bestselling Australian authors Rachael Johns and Sophie Green. Each week they take to the mic to chat all things writing and publishing.

Listeners can send in questions too.

The convos are casual yet insightful; sometimes, they invite guests to dig deeper into topics.

A must-listen for authors and those who aspire to be in Rach & Soph’s shoes one day.


April Reads - Reviews on Insta @hollybrunnbauer

THE MILLER WOMEN by Kelli Hawkins

Psychological Suspense

When a teenage girl goes missing, Nicola Miller fears her daughter might have had something to do with it. Is she a killer just like her?

FOUR NIGHT STAND by Georgia Moore

Contemporary Romance

A steamy workplace romance about two colleagues who settle for a conference fling while secretly wanting more.


Romantic Comedy

Everyone loves movie star, Ethan James. Everyone except his gorgeous dog minder, Hazel. Can he charm his way into her heart like he's done with her cat, Kevin?


Stay-at-home writer, Holly Brunnbauer, out and about in February 2024

On the school holidays, we decided it'd be fun to visit the in-laws. Y'know what's not fun? Driving for 5 hours! With two kids! And travel sickness!!!

We explored the town and dropped in for a relaxing game of laser tag that ended in tears. My six-year-old was under the impression I'd go easy on him. Not the case.

Mr Guiseppe, our beloved pug, came along too. I mean to the in-laws, not laser tag. He'd slow me down. He was quite happy to make a dent in my father-in-law's recliner.

Upon returning, I shipped the kids off to Mum's house for the second week. They love visiting Nanny; she has no rules. I had planned to do all the things during my kid-free time, but as per usual, I got struck down by the plague. I was forced onto the couch and into an ice-cream-only diet. Poor me, right?

Once I had recovered, I was on a plane to Brisbane. If you were paying attention to the start of this blog post, you'll know how that went. Spoiler alert, Reese Witherspoon has not called. What a mole.

Thanks for reading. auf Wiedersehen.


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